Our Story

Casa Bella Escrow, Inc. was birthed from a single desire to elevate the escrow experience through a culture of compassionate service and relentless professional excellence.

At Casa Bella Escrow we aren’t content with the ordinary escrow experience. You might know what we’re talking about; it’s that feeling of being a number instead of a human being. It’s where you’re forced to listen to an endless list of directory extensions that always lead you straight to the voice-mail of someone too busy to care. Where your sense of urgency isn’t shared by others. It’s like an alien planet with rude virtual-people and they speak in a funny language you can’t understand.

Unfortunately, It’s the same experience thousands of homeowners, like you, have every day with typical escrow or title companies.

Sometimes you just want to carry a sign that reads, “A Human-being named [insert your name] Lives Here”.

Now, imagine an experience where you’re always made to feel welcomed. The people know your name and understand what it’s like to buy or sell a home. A partner who is willing to make the process as smooth, comfortable and understanding as possible. When you call, email or fax, you are responded to immediately (not hours or days later). A journey where you are not expected to rush along, but instead are free to ask as many questions and take as much time as you like. Someone you consider a friend because their work showed you how much they care.

Casa Bella Escrow is exactly that experience. We don’t just provide you with a service. We serve you with an experience.

Casa Bella Escrow, Inc. is proudly licensed as an Independent Escrow Company by the California Department of Business Oversight.